Who We Are


Our team is comprised of individuals with different backgrounds and skills that complement each other and allow us to have an exceptional company. We are just as competitive as the people we serve, so naturally we have to provide the best hydration method out there. 



Matt Wesseling, CEO

Matt was a collegiate track and cross country athlete giving him a full understanding of what effects IV hydration can have on athletic recovery.  Passionate about endurance sports, Matt believes that amateur athletes should not be limited to the traditional means of recovery but should have access to the same treatments afforded to the professionals.

Mike Schlosser, CCO

Former neurosurgeon, Mike is now dedicated to developing medical processes and procedures to ensure consistent quality care for everyone that Pro Hydration treats.

Elizabeth Triggs, CFO

Elizabeth never misses anything.  Her expertise in business analysis makes sure that Pro Hydration will be serving those in need for a long, long time.

Chris Kuzur, CMO

Chris has never met someone that he did not like.  Incredibly generous and always willing to help, Chris derives tremendous satisfaction every time someone leaves with a smile on their face after a treatment.

Adam Shumake, COO

Adam, affectionately know as "Details", keeps the operation rolling along.  Meticulously planning for every possible scenario, Adam will make sure that every need is met and that we are always prepared.