Our Approach


In order to be where our customers need us most, Pro Hydration has become a mobile solution providing treatments on-site. This means we can provide our hydration services at venues hosting large events like marathons or music festivals, but this also means we can serve individuals in a smaller, more private setting such as their home or office.  

Sporting event directors can partner with us to provide IV hydration therapy to a number of their participants. This is a tremendous service when athletes need to make sure they are properly hydrated in order to perform and recover at the highest level. Our hydration services are also appealing to coaches wanting to maintain their athlete's hydration levels during training and competitions. 

Directors of other big events would benefit from providing our treatments when their attendees could be drinking alcohol, standing out in the heat all day, or just expending a lot of energy. There are a surprising number of people hospitalized from dehydration at large-scale events and we can be there to help reduce that. 

As an individual, you can call for your personal IV hydration therapy at any time. We will come to a convenient location for you like your home or workplace.