5 Facts to know about the IRONMAN Chattanooga Race Course

1.      Chattanooga, Tennessee is one of the most picturesque cities in the country.  Dubbed the “Scenic City”, breathtaking views are hard not to miss.  Chattanooga is the fourth-largest city in Tennessee with an estimated population of 171,279 in 2012.  Chattanooga is a very active city with residents often found running or biking throughout the streets or on the myriad of trails found in and around the town.

2.      The swim course is an upstream point to point swim through the Tennessee River.  Racers will pass Audubon Island, an 18.8 acre wildlife sanctuary only accessible via boat.  The island is home to a diverse collection of Tennessee wildlife including songbirds, turkeys, owls, foxes, and is a nesting place for osprey and blue heron.  For more information about Audubon Island click here:  http://www.chattanoogaaudubon.org/audubon-island.html

3.      The bike course heads south of the beautiful city of Chattanooga and into the north Georgia mountains.  Riders will climb a total of 4800 feet with a max elevation of 1161 feet.  As you fly along the course, take a moment to observe some of the breathtaking mountain-scape views.

4.      The run course heads north along the Tennessee River and back through the northern downtown part of the city.  Racers will climb a total of 1400 feet throughout the 26.2 mile course.

5.      Hospitality.  In addition to the over 4,000 volunteers who are needed to pull off an event of this magnitude, there will be tens of thousands of people that will line the course cheering athletes on.  As you are reaching the final stretch, be sure to flash a smile back at the folks who are doing all they can to cheer you on.

We at Pro Hydration hope that everyone has a great race and preforms at their best!