What's in our IV's?

All of our IV hydration treatments are "lactated ringers". We use lactated ringers because they have the right balance of water and electrolytes in order to hydrate but not cause a reduction in sodium levels (potentially causing hyponatremia). To see exactly what lactated ringers consist of, go here.


We also offer add-ons to our lactated ringers: 

We chose Zofran as an add-on to prevent nausea/vomiting. We know that Zofran can help so many runners that experience stomach problems before, during, and after races. This excerpt from an article in Runner's World describes why 93% of endurance runners have had some GI issue while racing:

"As the need for oxygen-rich blood in the running muscles increases, the body begins to shunt blood away from non critical resources, such as digestion, to help feed the muscles," says Melanie Schorr, a former Dartmouth All-American now in her doctoral residency program at Harvard's Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston. Research has demonstrated blood flow in the splanchnic system (which is responsible for the signals sent and received by the abdominal digestive organs) declines from 1.56 L/min at rest to 0.3 L/min during intense running.

 We selected Toradol to reduce moderate-to-severe pain/inflammation. Anyone who has competed in endurance events can testify to the need of anti-inflammatory post-race. Rock'N'Roll Marathon Series, which is the most popular running series in the United States, suggests this in their "Prevent Pain, Soreness, and Promote Recovery" section on their website:

If you feel really sore the next day, aside from taking cool showers and NSAIDs, talk to your sports doctor about a possible injection of Toradol, an injectable NSAID that has the pain-relieving effect of morphine without any narcotic side effects.


In addition to our IV therapies, we provide B12 shots to increase the body's energy production,  regulate the nervous system, improve sleep quality, and more! All the benefits are listed here!